First single from new Sunshine album coming out this Wednesday!

We're honored to announce that our new video for first single from upcoming new Sunshine album will landed for very first time in TV Ocko show called "Host Ocka" in wednesday February 7th 2007 from 6-7 pm.

Check it out and let us know. of course we know that most of you couldn't watch it for real but you can watch internet broadcasting here: link

Also - first single from 'no title yet' album will be launched in myspace player (no download version, of course) in very same day as video (February 7th). Song called "Top! Top! The Radio!", it's one of four songs we've been working with Bernd Burgdorf in LA. Get up, boyz and girlz, it's time to melt down this typical winter laziness, move on and get ready for dancing mayhem. We'll be fully armed with 10 new songs and spread fun and happy dance hardcore shit all spring, summer and fall 2007. Stop by more often from now on for more updates, news, shows updates, festivals, etc. Let us know you're alive and you're on our side of colored world and we promise never let you down :)

Full album coming out in March 26th 2007 on Universal!

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