New shows confirmed!

Other bands confirmed their shows here in Czech Republic:

05.09.2006 - FURIOUS 5 (USA) - Praha /Lucerna Music Bar/
08.09.2006 - SKYE (UK) - Brno /Semtex Culture/
09.09.2006 - KOSHEEN (UK) - Brno /Semtex Culture/
12.10.2006 - HOOVERPHONIC (B) - Praha /Abaton/

Our bands at open-air festivals

This year festival season be come one of the most time-consuming for our bands. Almost all of them you can see in some of the local or foreign festivals. More info in LIVE section.

Sunshine headliners of Austrian open air festival in Kriehmuehle

Open-air festival in Austrian Kriehmuehle celebrate 10 years anniversary. Sunshine together with Sofa Surfers are headliners of this fest..

Three bands of our agency will perform on United Islands of Prague

Bands Southpaw and Khoiba will perform on open-air fest United Islands of Prague 2006. One of the most waiting performance will be a show of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, who will take a place on the stage just immediately after Placebo will finish.

Sunshine is one of the headliners of French Europavox open-air festival

Rock band Sunshine is one of the headliners of Europavox open-air fest. With more than 50 concerts, Europavox will be a place of meetings, exchanges and discovers with artists from all over Europe. On the fest you can see bands like Saian Supa Crew, The Chalets, Bauchlang, The Herbaliser and many more. Festival is running from May till June in Clermont-Ferrand in the heart of the French Auvergne Region, near Lyon.

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